Don't wait we can take air quality samples and have results back in a day.

Mold in your property?

Are you worried that your property has a mold problem? Allow AmeriSpec to first examine the house for potential problems. By using thermal Imaging and non intrusive moisture meters we can often pinpoint moisture, the source of mold problems. If you can pinpoint the source you can truly eliminate?it.

Mold Testing

Testing for mold allows us?to confirm the presence of it as well?as determine where the source of the mold is originating from. (outdoor vs indoor)

There are two popular ways to test for mold.

  1. Surface samples. Swabbing an area where the mold is growing on the surface. This method allows you to identify and Quantify the amount of mold present.
  2. Air Samples. This method uses an air pump to trap airborne cells into a canister. The results are analyzed and a report is given in a timely manner.



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In today's real estate market, buying a home without a Qualified Independent Home Inspector is a risky proposition! As an Independent Home Inspection Service, we operate at arms length from real estate agents. Often, even the owner of the house does not know what's going on behind their walls, and has just gotten used to a myriad of "little problems". When buying a property it is very important to know everything you can about the house before you close the deal.