Property Inspections

AmeriSpec?conducts a multitude of property inspections in the Calgary?and surrounding area. Single Family Dwellings,?Multi Unit Dwellings,?Condominiums,?Mobile Homes,?Commercial Properties.

Indoor Air Quality

AmeriSpec?can help asses the quality or the indoor air quality of your property! Air Sampling,?Mold Inspections,?Mold Bulk Sampling,?Asbestos Sampling & Testing,?Only Certified Laboratories used.

Ozone Shock Treatment

With our state of the art ozone machines we can now remove smoke and other unwanted smells from your house and car. For more information see our Ozone page.


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In today's real estate market, buying a home without a Qualified Independent Home Inspector is a risky proposition! As an Independent Home Inspection Service, we operate at arms length from real estate agents. Often, even the owner of the house does not know what's going on behind their walls, and has just gotten used to a myriad of "little problems". When buying a property it is very important to know everything you can about the house before you close the deal.