Destroy unwanted smells with OZONE shock treatment


Slide Want a fresher smelling home? Slide Ozone it!! Slide Created in Nature Ozone kills Germs and Bacteria 3,125 Times faster then Chlorine Bleach!


Ozone is scientifically proven to not only mask a smell but to eliminate it. Ozone is created in nature in the upper atmosphere every time there is a lightning storm. Ambient atmospheric oxygen O2 is converted into O3 when it comes in contact with high frequency (voltage) electricity. The way that ozone eliminates odors or VOC? s (and kills bacteria? s & mold) is via oxidization.

Did you ever pour hydrogen peroxide on a cut? Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, or H2O+O. When you see it begin to fizz, you are literally watching the oxygen molecule, O, break off of the water molecule, H2O; after the reaction what is left is simple water, or H2O. As the oxygen, breaks of the water molecule, via free radical oxidization, the microbe or germ is killed or destroyed. Ozone is the gaseous equivalent of hydrogen peroxide; instead of being O2, pure oxygen, it is O3, O2 +O, or ozone gas. When it encounters a germ or VOC (odor) it immediately begins to oxidize it, just like hydrogen peroxide.

In fact ozone gas kills bacteria and mold 3,125 times FASTER than chlorine bleach! The really neat thing is that within 30 minutes of the machine being turned off, all that is left is simply pure Oxygen, as the singlet or free radical oxygen has a very short half-life.


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